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How it works

Jobbox connects owners of tools & equipment with renters in their area through a simple, easy to use mobile app. 

Jobbox was created by a contractor and for the contractor & DIY communities. We all own various items that we only use a small percentage of the time. The Jobbox mobile app allows you to make money on those idle items when you upload them to the app for others to view and rent in your area. You as the owner select the rates you want to charge and Jobbox takes care of the insurance in the event an item is damaged. 

The Jobbox community allows owners to make extra money while also saving renters an average of 20% to 60% on rental rates. We call that a WIN/WIN!

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How it works

Jobbox connects you with others in your area for tool, equipment and recreational rentals. As an owner you can list your items for rent at the rate you choose. As a renter you are able to find the most affordable rates on whatever you need

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Save money

Ever get frustrated with the high, unpredictable rates with those other guys? We did too, so we created a better way. Find what you need 20% to 60% less on the Jobbox app. 


Make money

Add items to your inventory and allow others in your area to rent them. You choose your rates and we cover the insurance. Your items are fully protected on the Jobbox platform.

get paid for referrals

Once you create a profile, go to Your Profile page, click Invite friends and share with those you know that would love the Jobbox app. We will give you 10% of their first rental. Unlimited referrals possible.

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How do I file a damage/stolen claim?

To file a claim you must call 1(855) 529-7354 or email within 24 hours of the item being returned. This will initiate the claim process. At that time a claim agent will be assigned your case and will walk through the claim process with you. Once a claim is confirmed the Owner will be responsible to get up to three quotes to do the repair and submit those to the Jobbox claim agent for approval. Once approval has been grated the Owner will receive a payment from Jobbox for the quoted amount. It will be up to the Owner to follow through with the repair.

What if my item is damaged?

If an item is damaged or stolen the owner is able to file a dispute within the details screen for that particular rental. You will click the specific rental, and then click “Dispute Rental.” This will take you to another screen that will prompt you for some details. Once you submit your request, an internal investigation will be conducted, analyzing renter and owner information and pictures. If the dispute is upheld you will receive full compensation to repair or replace the item. Our communities success hinges on our ability to create a safe platform where your tools and equipment are protected and taken care of. We thank you in advance for your help in upholding these standards.

How do I make money?

As the Owner you will determine the daily/weekly/monthly rates. At the time of the rental request you will be notified through the app. You will accept or deny the request based on your availability and willingness to rent to the individual requesting. If you accept, Jobbox will charge the Renter the cost of the rental and hold that amount until the item is returned and the transaction is closed. When the transaction is closed and you have confirmed that you have received your item back in acceptable condition, Jobbox will cut a payment to you for the rental amount minus 18.6%. Jobbox will retain 15% for the hosting services and 3.6% for the transaction fee. Some rentals do get extention requests. If your original rental was for a week, you may receive an extention request with the renter asking to get the item for an additional time. You will again accept or deny the request.

How does delivery work?

Every owner will decide whether or not to offer a delivery and pickup fee for any item they list on Jobbox. If the owner decides to offer delivery and pickup they will also choose what that fee will be for both delivery and pickup separately. Keep in mind that you can use Lyft or Uber to delivery small items. You just need to be aware of what those fees will be and build them into your listed delivery and pickup fees. If an owner does not list an item with delivery or pickup options it will be up to the renter to pickup and drop off the item with the owner at the owners designated area.

How does it work?

Jobbox is a peer-to-peer tool and equipment rental platform. Jobbox does not own the items on it’s platform, we just facilitate the transaction. Users can not only upload their tools & equipment for others to rent in their area, but they can in turn search listings in their areas for items they need to rent. Jobbox rentals are typically 30%-50% less than traditional rental shops. So, not only are you able to save money on items you need to rent, you can also make money on your idle equipment. We created Jobbox for those two reasons; to save you some cash on rentals while also giving you the opportunity to make some extra money on idle equipment.

Is there insurance?

Jobbox has two forms of insurance. We carry a general coverage policy while also charging a rental protection fee on every transaction. This protects the owner in the event of damaged or stolen items. Your tools & equipment have a 100% protection guarantee on Jobbox per our listed terms and conditions.

How will I get paid?

Once the item(s) are returned to the Owner and they verify and accept the rental the Owner will receive a direct deposit payment within three days to the account setup in their profile.

What areas do you service?

Jobbox is currently serving two areas, Northeast Florida and the Ypsi/Arbor Michigan area. Northeast Florida includes Jacksonville, St. Augustine and Palm Coast areas. Ypsi/Arbor Michigan includes Ann Arbor, Ypsilanti, Howell, Farmington Hills and surrounding areas. We will be strategically opening new markets regularly so please stay tuned for updates on our service areas.

Are there any items Jobbox will not support?

Jobbox currently supports general tools and equipment that are owned by your midsized contracting companies and below. The items on our platform must be safe and easily used by our renters. For example, we aren’t your rental company for cranes or scaffolding over three tiers. We monitor, regulate and verify selected items on our platform to ensure they are the best and safest selections for our community.

Can I refer a friend and are there referral bonuses?

We love this question! Connection is our lifeblood and we recognize that our ability to expand and grow our offerings and services comes with your ability to share how awesome Jobbox is with those you know. Therefore, we made referring friends not only easy, but also come with a cash incentive. In your profile screen you’ll see a button to “Invite Friends”. Click that button and you’ll be able to send an invite directly to your elected contacts. When you refer someone you’ll receive 10% of their first rental whether the were the owner or the renter. If they rent their skid steer for $300, you get $30 dropped in your account. You can do this an unlimited amount of times for any new users you refer.

What if I rent an item and no longer need it by time I get it?

You can cancel a rental request at any time, but they come with a fee. Rentals requests cancelled prior to 24 hours before the scheduled rental will be cancelled with a 10% fee. Rental requests cancelled within 24 hours of rental will be cancelled with a 35% fee. We have to charge a fee to uphold the credibility and opportunity for the peer-to-peer platform. The 10% fee is to ensure that users don’t use a workaround to rent directly from owners. This will not only undermined Jobbox and the service we provide, but it also puts an extreme risk on our owners in the event that they rent their items outside of our insurance policy and an item is broken or stolen—that isn’t good for anyone. The additional fee within the 24 hour period goes to the owner since a lot of the times they have mobilized or prepared the item to fulfill the rental. We want them to be compensated for their efforts. We strive to create and uphold and honest community that is incentivized to provide the greatest possible product.

Is there a time window where I can get a refund?

Both owners and renters have 24 hours to submit a dispute. If a renter is not satisfied with their rental they will “Dispute Job” within that specific rental request. We will evaluate that claim and make an appropriation based on our terms and conditions. Likewise, an owner can dispute a job and we will evaluate this claim per our listed terms and conditions.

What happens if the item I rented breaks down?

We were founded by a general contractor so we understand that when a rental goes down that means lost money. When you rent an item on Jobbox, we automatically line up a replacement so that in the event an item goes down we have your replacement sitting on ready. We ask that you call 1(855) 529-7354 to make us aware of the issue and we will streamline your replacement as quickly as possible so that you can get back up and running.

What are the fees and are there hidden fees?

For every rental Jobbox retains 3.6% for a transaction fee and 15% for a platform fee. The transaction fee literally pays for cost to perform the transaction while the platform fee goes into the app and our ability to provide the best possible service. If you as the owner decide to list an item for $100, you will receive $81.40 once the rental is fulfilled. If you’ve ever rented from those other guys you’re aware of the list of additional fees that are tacked on after the rental fee. Not so with Jobbox. The fee that you see on the listing is the fee you’ll see at checkout. No hidden fees, only tremendous savings.

Are owners able to decline rentals?

As an owner you have the ability to decline any rental request for any reason. If the item isn’t available during the requested time you can decline. If the renter requesting has a poor rating you can decline. You will be able to see generic information on the renter requesting that will help you vet whether or not you feel comfortable renting to them. Keep in mind we insure your items 100%.

What happens if the item that was listed does not match what I received?

If an item doesn’t match the listing then you need to file a dispute with proper documentation such as pictures so that we can substantiate the claim, correct the listing and refund your money.

Will Jobbox provide a 1099 form for earnings?

As an owner you are responsible to properly file your taxes. We will send you a 1099 if you have made over $20,000 in a given year. You can go to to fill out your tax information to ensure you receive your 1099 in the event that you make over $20,000 in one year.