How it works

Jobbox connects you with others in your area for tool, equipment and recreational rentals. As an owner you can list your items for rent at the rate you choose. As a renter you are able to find the most affordable rates on whatever you need

Save money

Ever get frustrated with the high, unpredictable rates with those other guys? We did to, so we created a better way. Find what you need 30% to 50% less on the Jobbox app. 

Make money

Add items to your inventory and allow others in your area to rent them. You choose your rates and we cover the insurance. Your items are fully protected on the Jobbox platform.

get paid for referrals

Once you create a profile, go to Your Profile page, click Invite friends and share with those you know that would love the Jobbox app. We will give you 10% of their first rental. Unlimited referrals possible.

As a contractor you want to squeeze every penny out of what you do.

One of the enemies you face are the money munchin' rental companies and their high, fluctuating equipment rental rates with hidden fees.

If you are frustrated with others reaching into your budget and want to take back control of your rental experience, download the Jobbox mobile app and start saving.

Jobbox was created by a general contractor who felt taken by rental companies and their overpriced, ever changing rates.

On top of that he had tools and equipment that he was willing to rent out to others in his area to save them money while making him extra cash on idle equipment.

The average renter saves 38% on rental rates by using Jobbox compared to the traditional rental companies.

The average take home amount for an owner renting their idle items out to others in their area is $593.98/rental.

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