The #1 way to save $100s on tool & equipment rentals and why traditional rental shops don't want you to figure it out. 

Jobbox was started by a general contractor who had been renting tools and equipment from some of his other buddies in the industry. They would charge him less than Sunbelt or United which would save him money and would allow them to make extra cash on otherwise idle equipment. 


Eventually, he wanted to start making money renting his own equipment out, but when he looked for a platform (like the AirBNB of tools & equipment) he couldn’t find a thing—so he created it.


Jobbox gives you the opportunity to immediately save at least 20-40% on all of your rentals. The pre-screened and qualified tools & equipment on Jobbox are the very same selection you get at Sunbelt or United, just without the high rates. On top of that you also have the opportunity to make $100s a week renting your items out to others in your area. 


Rental requests are as easy as texting or calling what you need and when you need it to (855) 529-7354. We line everything up from there. Because we were founded by a contractor we understand that time and ease of ordering are essential. That’s why we want you to be able to just send a quick text from the job letting us know what you need and when and we take care of the rest. 

Receive 10% OFF first rental