Frequently asked questions

As the owner of the item, do I deliver and pick it up?

As the Owner you will determine the delivery and pick up options. You can determine that the Renter has to pick up and drop off the item or you can include a price to deliever and pick up. If the item is small enough you could hire a Lyft or Uber to come pick it up and deliever to the Renter's location. This is both cost effective and quick.

How do I make money?

As the Owner you will determine the price to rent your item(s). At the time of the rental request you will be notified that someone would like to rent your item. You will accept or deny the request. If you accept, Jobbox will charge the Renter the cost plus the deposit and hold that amount until the item is returned and the transaction is closed. When the transaction is closed and you have confirmed that you have received your item back in acceptable condition, Jobbox will cut a payment to you for the rental amount minus 15%. Jobbox will retain 15% for the hosting services and handling the transaction.

What happens if someone damages my item?

We recommend that you carry insurance on your item when possible. In the event that you do not have insurance coverage on your item, Jobbox will cover your item through a third party insurance policy. A claim must be filed within 24 hours to be accepted. It is requested that all Owners verify at the exact time they are dropped off that the items are in the same condition that they were in when rented them out.

How do I file a damage/stolen claim?

To file a claim you must call 1 (855) 529-7354 or email info@jobboxco.com within 24 hours of the item being returned. This will initiate the claim process. At that time a claim agent will be assigned your case and will walk through the claim process with you.