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How Do I Get Paid?

Letting someone borrow your things is cool, getting paid for it is much cooler. Jobbox is not just a platform to connect you with responsible renters, we also manage the payments to ensure a great experience. Here's how we do it:

Account Set Up

When start the Jobbox app for the first time you will be asked to create a user profile, part of that profile will include setting up your Payout Method. Have your card information ready, and tap "Add" which will take you to this screen:

This is the a third party online payment service called Stripe.

Stripe is the most popular online payment software. Companies you've been using for years like Amazon, Lyft, Instacart, and Zillow (to name a few) use this same service. You will be provided a Stripe Dashboard to see when your payments are expected and track how much you've been paid.

You only have to do this once, after that you are ready to list equipment and start making money.

  • Direct deposit payments

  • Safe, secure, trusted software

  • Simple check out process

When Do I Get Paid?

The short answer:

As the host (equipment owner) you get paid when your item is returned and the rental has been fulfilled.

The long answer:

We collect payment from the renter when the rental is scheduled, this helps us ensure they are serious about renting you equipment and won't waste your time getting equipment ready and making delivery arrangements. It also eliminates the awkward disagreements or being shorted a payment.

Hosts get paid at the end of the rental, once the renter has filled out the check-in process on the app and you (the owner) approve your equipment has been returned. That will automatically release your payment from Jobbox through Stripe to your bank account or card. The Stripe to bank transaction takes 1-3 business days.

How Much Do I Get?

85% of the rental rate you selected goes directly to your pocket. The other 15% is transaction and part platform fee.

Ultimately you decide how much you make. If your take home needs to be $100 for a daily rental, add 15% and set your rental rate at $115.

Do I Have to Make a Stripe Account

Yes. In order for this to work, both parties need to have a Payout Method registered. You wont be able to list your equipment, or rent from others without. This is how we provide you with a high quality experience without the hassle of cash transactions, awkward parking lot meetings, or shady renters.

If you have any additional questions about our payment process, please send us an email at

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