• Stephen Bradshaw

Mobile App Update

We are excited to announce our first of four planned updates for this year. We launched the MVP Jobbox mobile app in two markets on November 9, 2020. Since then we have been actively listening to what all of you users have been telling us.

The first of four updates will address the Return Process. Both owners and renters will now be able to initiate the return process. Previously, only the renter was able to start the return and what we found is that they often times didn't go through that process at all. This hung up the payout to the owner and made getting paid difficult. Now, when an owner receives their item they can start the return process and verify the item's condition. Once the owner completes the return process their payout will initiate and be sent to them within three days.

The return process now includes features such as both the owner and renter having the option to add pictures, fuel level and hour meter (when applicable). There are also additional notifications that will be sent to both parties letting them know that they can review the return form that the other submitted.

Our goal with Jobbox is to create a safe, simple and secure platform that allows our users to create whatever rental experience they'd like. Whether you're a owner looking to make extra money, a renter trying to get the best deal, or both, we want Jobbox to be a platform that allows you to maximize your experience.

Thanks again for your feedback. Have a great and safe week!


Stephen Bradshaw


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